Chairman' s message

Chairman' s message In the name of Allah, prayer and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Dear visitors, I am pleased to welcome you to the website of Department of Physics and Astronomy, which is one of the oldest departments of the Faculty of Science at King Saud University, where its establishment corresponds with the establishment of the College in 1373 AH (1958 AD). The Department is proud to include a selection of eminent faculty members: professors, associate professors and assistant professors from the most prestigious universities in the world who work hard to achieve the vision of our wise leadership and in the development and prosperity of our beloved kingdom. They serve the department at all three levels: bachelor, master and doctorate. The department is active in the following research fields namely theoretical physics, nuclear physics, medical and biophysics, materials science, laser and spectroscopy, renewable energy and environmental physics and astronomy. Our mission at the Department of Physics and Astronomy is to raise the quality of university education and perform high quality scientific research in the fields of high importance.  We strive in contributing to the achievement of the objectives of our college and university in order to fulfill the vision of our beloved kingdom by 2030. My personal goal as the head of the department of physics and astronomy is to contribute in raising lifting the status of the department in all fields and develop the learning process for our students by providing them with the knowledge of physics and develop their practical and theoretical skills.  This would enable them to explore their potential and make the best use of it in order to enter the labor market.  They would be highly efficient and contribute effectively in the building of our precious kingdom. I am also pleased to receive your suggestions and comments at the Department's e-mail address: Phone: 4676380                                                                  Head of Physics and Astronomy Department                                                                          Dr. Saad bin Abdulaziz Saad Al Dawood


Vision: Leadership in Physics sciences and their applications and contribution to build a knowledge society.


  Mission: Offer highly distinguished education and creative research to serve society and contribute toward knowledge through creating a stimulating educational, creative and scientific research environment of continued quality that guarantee the use of technology and general partnershi


Goals: 1. To attain a distinctive level in higher education, research and social services. 2. To develop methods to guarantee the quality performance and outcome. 3. To manage use modern technology. 4. To provide stimulating administrative and academic environment. 5.


About the department


The Department of Physics considered to be one of the oldest departments in the College of Science and has been created with a number of other departments, namely the Department of Physics, the Department of Botany, the Department of Mathematics, the Department of Zoology, the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Geology. Once King Saud University was established, it was established in 1378 - 1379 AH corresponding to 1958/1959 AD. The Department of Physics developed a comprehensive development and included research groups, which enriched global and distinguished research and contributed to the rise of this country, which led to all major factories and companies seeking the expertise of faculty members and their research laboratories that match International laboratories and hired them as consultants, and some members of the department were asked to set some international specifications for required products


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