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IT Center


Welcome to IT Center of the College of Science.

Telephone: 014676461


The Systems and Programs

Employees Information System: This system is ready to use now. The purpose of this system is to manage the database of the College of Science Employees, and it is connected to the Electronic Archive System (ArcMate). The user of this system can extract any document or data of any employee in the College of Science. It is also available in the internet, for the read and edit mode of the employees info.

ArcMateExpress: This system is to store the College Documents. The user of this system can extract or enquire about any documents by using the reference number, or the subject. This could be used also parallel to the EIS system, by searching for the employee name and then entering his documents and data.

Alumni Program: this program still under construction and it is designed to include the College of Science alumni for the last ten years. The alumni info will include: the name, department, average, means of communications, and their work status. This program is very important to get the proper work opportunities for the alumni, when the government authorities know their data  by using this program and contacting them via these info.

The smart classes:
There are 80 smart classes in the College and all of them are ready to use. The IT team in the College of Science is checking and maintain all of these classes, in addition to give the proper training for the teaching staff on how to use these classes.
For help and more info, please call 4676461  .

The video Conference halls:
There are 20 video Conference halls in the College building Nosh and 10 video Conference halls in the College building No 5. These halls are used to connect the teaching classes in Malaz. Sometimes they are used to give some classes and lectures and workshops which needs to be viewed in Malaz also. The IT team in the College of Science is checking and maintain all of these halls.

The self learning classes:
 There are 8 classes for the self learning, distributed in all departments, one to each departments. Each class include 20 PC, smart board, projector, Server, handicapped walkers, special tables with pop up screens for the students and teachers. In these classes the Software "One class" is available and other educational systems for the self learning issues. There are conditions and regulations to be followed when using these classes available in every lab Manager of each department.

Projection screens in the College
The Management of these screens contents and coordination with the Deanship regarding this.

The College auditorium No. AA Building No.4
: Contains Video Conference tools, big projection screen and side cameras. The IT team is responsible to arrange and schedule all workshops, symposiums and lectures held in this auditorium. In addition, maintain all included tools and equipment.

Supervise the College Website.

The Vice dean of Development and Quality represented by the IT team, has given many training courses for the College Employees, like:

1- How to use the Video Conference rooms, for the College employees
2- How to use the Self learning Classes for the College Employees
3- How to use smart classes for all teaching staff in the College

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