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In response to the ever-increasing global economyjob market demand for highly qualified graduatesspecialized in the finance and actuarial fields, the department of Mathematics at King Saud University is establishing a new Bachelor  of Science in Actuarial and Financial Mathematics.
This major equips students with the necessary knowledge and employability skills, such as: critical thinking, problem setting and solving strategies, analytic and quantitative skills; will be able to pursue their careers in investment management, financial advice, and in the finance division of all types and sizes of companies.


Bank Officer, Investment Adviser, Financial Analyst, Stockbroker, Corporate Finance Manager, Investment banker, Treasurerspecialist, and financial analyst.



  1. To provide graduates for jobs in insurance and finance sectors, such as ministries andgovernment departments of finance.
  2. To equip students with knowledge in the field of mathematical modeling and its applications in finance and insurance fields.
  3. To provide graduates with academic orientation to be acceptedin local or international graduate programs in Financial and Actuarial Mathematics.
  4. To offergraduates for specialized career roles such as chief corporate advisor, multinational funds manager, investments, and financial reporting.


Possible Jobs in
       1. International professional societies such as the Society of Actuaries (SOA) and the Casualties Actuarial Society (CAS).
       2. Insurance companies, banks, ARAMCO, SABIC, and multinational accountancy firms.
       3. The Ministry of Finance and National Economy.
       4. Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency.
       5. Academic positions in the Mathematics or Statistics Departments.
       6. The Department of pensions, the Social Insurance Institutions,etc.


Degree Requirements:
Students must successfully complete a minimum of 136 credit hours. The expected duration of the program is eight semesters.


Admission Requirements

  1. A score 4.0 and higher in the preparatory year.
  2. A Competition based on the following criteria:

0.25  ˣ Score of the aptitude test required by KSU + GPA ˣ 6 +1.5  ˣ  (score in Math 140 + score in Math 150 ).

    Admission capacity: Max 30 students.


1- General Scheme of the Studying Plan.

2- Studying Plan distributed according to the semesters.

3- Course Description