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Undergraduate Degree Course:

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

The undergraduate course (B.Sc.) in biochemistry has been very carefully designed to provide in-depth knowledge of basic biochemistry principles together with a clear understanding of interdisciplinary areas such as molecular biology, immunology, toxicology, biotechnology and human nutrition. Specific modules have also been included to let the students better understand the pathogenesis of inborn errors of metabolism and cancer, which are highly prevalent in the Kingdom.

In the first two semesters, students are required to attain basic knowledge of various scientific disciplines including chemistry, physics, mathematics, biostatistics, zoology, botany and microbiology which constitute a solid base for students to clearly understand the advanced modules of biochemistry in the semesters to follow.

We are also aware of the fact that most of the students at Biochemistry Department originate from Arabic medium schools and might face a lot of difficulty to understand scientific glossary and biochemistry topics and text books which are mostly available in English and quite few in Arabic. Thus, beginner students of undergraduate biochemistry course have to study two modules of English language to ensure their proficiency in reading, writing and understanding of English.

* B.Sc. Syllabus

* B.Sc. Course Description

Graduate Degree Course:

Master of Science (M.Sc.)

The graduate course (M.Sc.) in biochemistry is a perfect blend of taught modules and research dissertation. The students undertake more rigorous studies at advanced level of biochemistry to attain a deep understanding of complex pathways and mechanisms of biochemistry. In addition, the students receive rigorous grounding in the interrelated areas such as molecular biology, biotechnology, immunology, toxicology and biomedical science as well as extensive exposure to laboratory practical and technical advancements. After successful completion of taught modules, the students are required to demonstrate their laboratory and research skills by accomplishing independent research projects under the supervision of assigned faculty. Finally, the students present their research findings and defend their thesis before the examination committee for successful award of the degree.

* M.Sc. Syllabus

* M.Sc. Course Description