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One of the oldest colleges at King Saud University, the College of Sciences was founded in 1378-1379 H. (corresponding to 1958/1959 A.D.) as the first scientific college in the Arabian Peninsula. It has ever since made great efforts to accompany the country's comprehensive progress in scientific, industrial and technological fields. Demands for the college were peerless and extended all expectations.

Progress of the College of Sciences was not merely numerical; it was also a genuinely scientific progress that took into consideration escorting the scientific advancement in Basic Sciences; hence, possibilities available for both instructors and students have increased noticeably. At the time when it was founded, the College of Sciences shared with the College of Arts the same building as well as the same lecture halls; its laboratories at the time did not exceed five in number, but now the College has its own independent building, the number of premises has gradually increased, and laboratories now

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