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The Tasks

From the date of foundation, it was normal that the College of Science played the proper role according to the available human and financial resources from one hand, in addition to its responsibilities and expectations in another.‎ ‎That's why, the College concerns were focusing on many scientific and research issues. In this part we highlight some milestones of the College time line regarding the workshops and symposiums preparations, as well as taking care of establishing the Scientific Associations, and encouraging the writing and translation activities. All of these issues affect the national and international levels, interact with the scientific information and represent the basics, which grow and give achievements, day by day with experiences.‎

The Conferences and Symposiums

The international Symposiums for Ionizing radiations Uses and Technologies"‎
‎The College of Science held this Conferences in Riyadh from 17-22 Jumada al-Ula 1402 H Corresponding to 12-17 March 1982, with the cooperation of King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre. This Symposium was the first of its type. Researchers from all over the ‎world have been invited to participate on the following subject matters:
The Medical use, Protection from the radiations, irradiation using Gamma Rays, The Radio-chemistry, the production of Radionuclide, the agriculture and industrial uses, and radiation doses.
The Participation in this Symposiums was very big, whether from the first world or developing countries. 119 researches have been submitted for discussion, 26 among them were from Saudi Arabia.
These researches were issued in 1983 by two books from the deanship of library affairs in King Saud University. The names of these two books were "The Scientific Proceedings of the international Symposiums for Ionizing radiations Uses and Technologies"

The First international Maths Conference in the Gulf Region"
The College of Science held this conference in Riyadh between 17-21 October 1982, in cooperation of Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States. This Conference included 4 main sessions

1- Algebra and Numbers Theory
2- The Engineering and topology
3- Differential equation and analysis
4- Applied Maths and Numerical Analysis

200 researchers from all over the world universities and centers have participated in this conference. 34 researches were submitted and printed by Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States, under the name of:
[Proceedings of the First International Conference on Mathematics in the Gulf Area].
The Conference also include a Symposiums about the (Contemporary Maths), it discussed the Maths curricula in the School. Many teachers from the Ministry of Education as well as teaching staff from Saudi Universities were invited to this Symposiums.

The First Saudi Conference of the statistics and its fields
The College of Science organized this conference in Riyadh between 2-5 May 1983. Many researcher from all over the world participated, the number of research reached 39 and they were issued under the name of: (Statistics developments and its fields...The Proceedings of the The First Saudi Conference of the statistics and its fields). The Deanship of the library affairs in KSU printed this book in 1984.

The Writing and Translation:
The Writing and Translation activity is considered as important milestone in the Academic life, it plays an integral role in the consolidation of scientific thought in the Arab language structure and planted in the soil of the environment and cultural and scientific blended fabric to become a key component in the prevailing intellectual structure.  Many members of the teaching staff in the College were very keen to participate in this field and gave the proper time for this.

The Total number of the Books which have been translated or written reached 168. The Concerns in KSU printed 113 among these books by different channels in the College of Science, The Deanship of Library affair and the Community Service Center. This is represent 67% of the total issues.
These books dealt with different scientific subject and matters, and most of them are being taught in the College. The list below, describe how these books distributed among various departments in the College:            

The number of the Books



Statistics and Math


Botany and Zoology




Physics and astronomy


Chemistry and Biochemistry



Table no. 5 include a detailed list for the books title and authors or translators names, date of issue and place of issue. This table only mention the first author if there are many to the same book.