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Chairman Message The Education in our beloved Kingdom, and higher education in particular is in its most important phase of its history, which seeks to keep place with the global movement in this area, and to ensure quality in its programs and its outputs. King Saud University, took the initiative and leadership to this movement, represented by its management, its centers of quality, colleges and various academic departments. The department of Chemistry, is at the forefront of university departments, in its distinguished qualified staff, both in terms of academic, research, and contributions in the service of the university and the community. The department of Chemistry has developed its academic programs and has attracted a number of distinguished researchers from around the world. It becames one of the first five departments at the university, in the scientific publishing. It also sought to attract talented students who wish to pursue their higher studies.   Dr. Abdullah AlQahtani Chairman of Chemistry Department


Leadership in chemistry and its applications for contributing in building knowledge society.


To provide high quality education, research, and training with practical experience in chemistry that is responsive to enhance the knowledge-based economy.


Achieving excellence in chemistry education. Fostering attractive academic and research environment for distinguished faculty members, staff and students. Preparing students to have excellent knowledge sought by employers. Providing the scientific community with high impact research


About the Department

The Department of Chemistry is one of the oldest departments in the university where it was founded in the same time of the establishment of the Faculty of Science in 1378 AH (1957), and is one of the largest departments not only at the college level, but at the university level, where it serves most of the university faculties.

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The department has more than 180 employees (men and women) distributed among faculty members and support staff of lecturers, assistants, research assistants, technicians and administrators.

The department contains (30) research laboratories, including many research instruments, and (24) laboratories for teaching students, including many modern educational devices.

In the field of research, there are five research chairs and ten research groups producing hundreds of outstanding research papers annually, and they have completed dozens of patents.