Chairman's message

By the mercy of Allah, the Almighty, then by the efforts of those in charge of education under the patronage of His excellency King Saud University, this Department has undegone significant development over the years, since its inception, in teaching and research, infrastructure in terms of sophisticated equipment and laboratories, highly qualified and distinguished faculty members, researchers and technicians. More than 30 faculty members in different areas of specialization in Botany and Microbiology, contribute to the research and development activities of the Department through implementation of research projects  iand publishing their research findings in internationally reputed and ISI listed scientific d journals, besides editing, translating, writing and preparing many scientific books. One can Through this site, one can access any information about the academic programs, study plans, courses discription concerning undergradute and postgraduate academic programs, about the scientific projects, the books published by the staff members of the Department, the academic programs, workshops, conferences and any practical courses planned to be made in department or concerning the fields of botany and Microbiology in the KSA, and other universities. Those who are interested can also download the scientific reseach papers published by the faculty members of the department We will do our best to make this site always updated and more useful     Head of the Department  Dr. Turki M. S. Dawoud


Upgradation of existing teaching and research activities in order to keep pace with the global scientific progress and to meet the requirements of society.


The development of academic processes to enhance scientific research through strategic planning and a clear vision for science and technology at the country's level, to train national cadres,  to introduce a methodology developed to meet the different needs of society, and to serve the various


Achieve excellence in higher education, scientific research, and community service.   Develop and implement ways and means to ensure quality performance and output.   Effect optimal use of modern technology in education and scientific research.   To provide a favorable


About the Department

             The Department of Botany and Microbiology, under the College of Science,  is an educational and research organization dedicated to the development of human resources and diffusion of knowledge in the different fields of Botany and Microbiology. The Department is striving hard to evolve into one of best Botany departments among the various universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Arab world. The Department provides excellent opportunities for higher education in accordance with the high academic standards in all   areas of advanced and specialized areas of plant sciences and microbiology. The Department has acquired capabilities to provide trained manpower at all levels towards  the overall development through their education in the Ministry of Education and Higher Education Saudi Arabia, and other universities and the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Water and Power and the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and the authority of specifications and standards, the National Authority for the protection of wildlife, development and PE Meteorological and Environmental Protection and private institutions. The Department contribute to the development of knowledge through intensive scientific research in basic and advanced level in the field of plant sciences and Microbiology besides augmentation of trained human resources, providing consulting services to production and developmental authorities with practical solutions and specialized counseling to help them perform their duties and their role in overall development. Further, the Department has keen interest in enhancing the awareness of intellectual and cultural community and the protection of the environment

This Department was established in the College of Science in 1958 G (1378 H) to prepare specialized qualified scientific caders, still contributing in achieving the progress of our sincere nation (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) in so numerous fields as general and higher education, health, agriculture and society employ. It is the oldest Department interested in studying the plant sciences in KSA. At the beginning of 1403/1404, the girls' branch of the Department was established in the KSU study center in Malaz- Al-Riyadh. At 1407H (1978G) the field Microbiology was establish as a branch beside Botany.Since that time, the Department was renamed as Department of Botany and Microbiology, and has been offering the B.Sc. degree in Botany, Microbiology or a double field (Botany- Microbiology).

At 1401H (1981G), the postgraduate study started as M.Sc. in Botany, and at 1413H (1993G), the M.Sc. plan was modified so that the Department could offer two M.Sc. degrees, in Botany and Microbiology. The Ph.D. plan in both Botany and Microbiology started at 1417H (1997G).

The Department occupies the western northern part of the Building 5 of Faculty of Sciences. It includes about   study rooms, 20 student laboratories and 28 scientific research laboratories equipped with many updated instruments. The Department also contains a Herbarium that is considered an important reference for the plants of Arabian Peninsula. In this Herbarium, the plants are reserved in a special way that they appear in their natural form. Joined with the Department, is a botanical garden containing many wild plants belonging to different environmental models. Both the Herbarium and the Botanical Garden are utilized in practical undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The Department includes a barnch in the KSU Studies Center for Girls. The affiliation of the Department is currently more than 40 member of the faculty in different certain specializations in the fields of Botanical and Microbiological sciences, and a number of lecturers, assistant researchers, demonstrators and technicians. The Department sends a number of his postgraduate students for scientific qualifications in different disciplines according to the plan of the Department in the completion of faculty members of the national component. The Department also has a service unit (Central Research Laboratory) containing the most updated technical equipments in addition to an integrated micro preparations unit to assist in the scientific research projects and experiments for members of the faculty and postgraduate students.


Skills and Capabilities of the Graduates