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Vision, Mission and Goals for Operations Research Program


To be a leader in Operations Research education and research that contributes in building a knowledge-based economy.


Offer high quality education and produce innovative research serves the society through establishing an administrative and academic stimulating environment that guarantee the ideal use of technology and building local and global partnership in the disciplines of Operation Research.

Strategic Goals and Objectives:

1. To achieve the ambitions of development plans of the society, with continued efforts of improving Operation Research program and to produce scientific research serves the society.
2. To Develop and implement ways and means to guarantee quality in all the activities of Operation Research Program.
3. To ensure an optimal use of resources with modern technology to create a place of higher learning in the fields of Operation Research.
4. To provide a stimulating administrative and academic environment capable of attracting the best students, staff and faculty members.
5. To establish effective partnerships, both locally and globally, with academic institutions and industrial/research organizations in the fields of Operation Research.
6. To enhance the scientific awareness of the society in the field of operation research.