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Accreditation Guidance



To connect with the Academic committee members of Physics and Astronomy department: 


Rapporteur of the Committee, Dr. Abdel Rahman Al-Salman

Member of the Committee, Dr. Mohammed Saleh Al-Qarawi


In the name of Allah the Merciful

Student Orientation Committee


The Student Guidance Committee is one of the most important committees dealing with the affairs of the students of the department, especially boys and girls, students studying physical courses in general and carrying, as far as possible, their achievement of excellence before graduation. To achieve this noble purpose, the Committee continues to interact with students through many aspects, for example:


  1. Listen to their academic, social and psychological complaints and contribute to solving them
  2. directing them to actions and steps to solve their problems
  3. Assist them in registering their appropriate courses with the beginning of each semester
  4. Assist them in the procedures of deletion and addition and provide models for it
  5. A statement of the importance of taking into account the ascending sequence of levels when registering courses
  6. The importance of linking the cumulative average and the number of registered units
  7. A statement of the importance of taking into consideration the pre-requisite and accompanying requirements at the time of registration
  8. Demonstrate the importance of attending lectures and practical sessions to achieve interaction between teacher and student
  9. A statement of the seriousness of the absence of educational achievement and the statement that it may expose him to the denial of entry to the test
  10. Statement of the importance of raising the rate and then excel when competing for career opportunities after graduation
  11. Statement of the risk of neglect in follow-up and study on the low cumulative rate
  12. A statement that caused the cascading of warnings in the severance of the reward and the closure of the enrollment and dismissal from the university
  13. Statement of the terms of the apology for a course or a semester and postponement and interruption
  14. Statement of how to calculate the quarterly rate and the cumulative rate
  15. How to distribute the grades on the final and final tests
  16. Provide samples of previous tests to inform students of the boxes
  17. Urge students to benefit from the King Salman Central Library and the Library of the Department