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Chemistry Bachelor Program

Accredited nationally (NCAAA) and internationally (ASIIN)

Department of Chemistry was founded in 1378-1379 H. (corresponding to 1958/1959 A.D.) with the foundation of College of Science, which is one of the oldest colleges at King Saud University and was the first scientific college in the Arabian Peninsula.

Chemistry program was established to provide the Kingdom with scientific leaders in the different sectors and for:

Technological development reasons:

  • Providing highly qualified specialists for the development of chemical industries in the Kingdom.
  • Preparing chemists for serving the industrial development in petroleum, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, mining, food, detergents and other chemical industries.
  • Preparing qualified specialist for chemical research and development laboratories.

Social reasons:

  • Preparing leaders for kingdom sustainable development.
  • Providing specialists in safety awareness on health hazards and proper use of chemicals and environmental protection.
  • Supporting basic sciences lifelong learning ensuring continued intellectual growth and welfare of society.

Relevance of the program to the mission and goals of the KSU:

  • Providing other scientific disciplines with the basic knowledge needed for their professions; e.g. medical, engineering and agricultural students.
  • Providing leaders for social development, professionalism, responsibility, and innovation in Chemistry based sectors.

Professional occupations graduates are prepared for:

  • Administrator, laboratory specialist, Research assistant
  •  (Ministry of Education)
  • Forensic science lab officer at “Ministry of Interior” and “National Guard”
  • Specialist at quality labs: Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization.
  • Lab specialist at “Food & Drug Administration”
  • Researcher in research labs at “King Abdul-Aziz City for Science and Technology” and SABIC
  • Specialist at chemical and petrochemical industries.
  • Chemists at Government and private sectors.
  • High school Teacher, laboratory expert at Ministry of Education”

Program Learning Outcomes