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Visiting Professors


Visiting professor


The Rector of Hamburg University of Technology

Professor Garo Antranikian

Professor and President of the Institute of Microbiological Technology Hamburg University of Technology - Germany



Recent Developments in the Field of Industrial Biotechnology



Dr. christopher rensing


center for agriculture and enviromental biotechnology RTI international, Research




Bacterial handling of copper: MEDICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL


Prof. Dr. Arthur Shesler

Professor of Genetics Department of Microbiology


Leodong Maximilians University - Munich - Germany

First lecture

AM symbiosis and AM fungi research - from basic research towards application

Second lecture

Nuclear ribosomal internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region as a universal DNA barcode marker for Fungi



Prof. Gareth Jones


Chiang Mai University, Thailand


How many marine fungi?

Biodiversity and distribution


Prof. Dr. Mohamed Shalaby


Professor of virology and immunology- Cairo University





Viral vaccines: basic principles and applications


Prof. Mohamed Abdel-Wahab


Sohag University, Egypt



Marine fungi of the Middle East