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Laser and spectroscop

Laser And Spectroscopy Group

The group is interested in studying the Laser Physics and Spectroscopy

Faculty Memebers For The Group

  • Academic lead: Prof. Mohamad Alsalhi
  • Prof Abdullah Aldwayyan
  • Prof. Abdallah Azzeer
  • Prof. Aslam Farooq Wazirzada
  • Prof. Nabil Tayeb Bennessib
  • Dr. Zeyad Alahmed
  • Dr. Saad Ali Algarni
  • Dr. Meshaal Alharbi
  • Dr. Rabia Qindeel
  • Dr. Reem Al-Saigh
  • Dr. Reem A. B. Alraddadi

List of Granted Patents

  1. M.S.AlSalhi, S.Devanesan “Synthesis of silver nanoparticels from Abelmoschus Esculentus Extract”. Grant No: US 10059601 B1, Aug 2018.
  2. S. Devanesan, M.S.AlSalhi, G. Periyasami and A.K. Aldalbhai “Methods of preparing biologically active derivatives from Calotropis Gigantea flowers”. Grant No: US 101119181 B1, OCT 2018.
  3. M.S. AlSalhi, S. Devanesan, Akram Ahmed Alfuraydi, Mysoon AlAnsari . Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using sesame (Sesamum indicum) oil cake and cytotoxicity study on MCF-7 Cell Line “Publication number: US 20180333433, Nov 2018.
  4. V. Masilamani, M.S.AlSalhi, S.Devanesan Spectral Method For Quantifying Hemoglobin Fragility Caused By Smoking. Grant No: US 9726679 B2, Aug 2017.
  5. S. Prasad, M.S. AlSalhi, V. Masilamani. Temperature tuned conjugated polymer laser. Grant No: US 9698561 B1, Jul 2017.
  6. V. Masilamani, M.S.AlSalhi, Karim H. Farhat, Danny Rabah, S. Prasad, S.Devanesan “Method of detecting bladder cancer by optical analysis of bodily fluids" Grant No: US 9733187 B2, Aug 2017.
  7. M. S. AlSalhi, V. Masilamani, Farjah H. Gahtani “Method of detecting thalassemia by optical analysis of blood components. Grant No: US 9347885 B2, 24 May 2016.
  8. Munir H Nayfeh, Matthew Stupka, Turki Al Saud, M.S. AlSalhi.Silicon nanoparticle photovoltaic devices. Grant No: US 9263600 B2, 02 Feb 2016.
  9. Al-Khalid Isam Zuhaier, M. S. AlSalhi, V. Masilamani, “Method for Enhancing the Shelf Life of Blood and Donor Blood by Laser Biostimulation” Grant No: US 9011766 B2. 21 April 2015.
  10. M.S. AlSalhi, Akram Ahmed Alfuraydi, S. Devanesan “Green Synthesis of Silver Nano Particles from Pimpinella Anisum Seed Extract” Grant No: US 9144544 B1, 29 Sep 2015.
  11. V. Masilamani, M. S. AlSalhi, Danny M. Rabah “Method for Discriminating Between Benign and Malignant Prostate Tumors” Grant No: US 8213005 , B2. 03 Jul 2012.
  12. 63. V. Masilamani, M. Elangovan, M. S. AlSalhi, Abdulrahman Al-Diab. “Lung Cancer Detection by Optical Analysis of Body Fluids” Grant No: US 8,208, 142, B2 – 26 June 2012.
  13. A.S. Aldwayyan, M.S. AlSalhi, A.M. Aldukhai, M. S. Alhoshan, M. N. Khan, G. K. AlChaar, Munir H. Nayfeh; "Organosilicon nanosilicon composites and fabrication methods",Grant No: US20100234204 A1 Sep 2010.

Publications: (2018-2019)

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List of Translated Books

  1. Prof. Dr. M. Alsalhi, A. Aldwayyan, & Others " Laser Principles and Applications by Wilson/ Hawkes".
  2. Prof. Dr. M. Alsalhi, & Others " Elementary Solid State Physics by M. Ali. Omer".
  3. Prof. Dr. M. Alsalhi, A. Aldwayyan, & Others, " Introduction to Optics by F. L. Pedrotti and J. Pedrotti".

Research Themes

  1. Effects of IR, Visible and UV lasers exposure on DSSC and Nano structured thin films of different materials.
  2. Elemental analysis of polymers, biomaterials and Nano structured using Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) with Nd:YAG laser.
  3. LIBS technique for trace element and impurity detection for industrial samples.
  4. Measurements of linear and nonlinear properties of Nano particle embedded polymers using Z-Scan technique are in process.
  5. Laser Applications in spectroscopy and materials detection.
  6. Investigation of energy transfer in donor/acceptor systems.
  7. OLEDs fabrication and characterization • Investigation of photophysical & Optoelectronic Properties of thin films.
  8. Study the spectroscopic properties of new photonic materials. An example of such material Is the Organic-Inorganic Halide (OIH) Perovskites.
  9. Study the optical and lasing properties of some nanoparticles and Nano Composites.
  10. Photo thermal deflection spectroscopy (PTDS) on different atoms such as Na and Rb using two-photon absorption.
  11. Detection technique for PTDS that has a significant improvement in the signal-to-noise ratio and in the frequency bandwidth compared with those available with current techniques.
  12. Studying chemical potentials and formation energy of a vacancy in perovskite structure using first-principles calculation method.
  13. Investigating effects of in-plane strains on structural, electronic, and electrical Properties of polar semiconductors using first-principles calculation.
  14. Investigating structural, electronic, and optical properties of several organic And inorganic compounds using first-principles calculations.
  15. Ion acceleration driven by high power lasers.
  16. Fast electron transport.
  17. Fast ignition to ICF scheme.


  1. Saif. M. H. Qaid, Mahmoud Hezam, M. Naziruddin Khan, Abdulaziz Alqasem, Abdullah Aldwayyan, Restraining Effect of Film Thickness on the Behavior of Amplified Spontaneous Emission from Methylammonium Lead Iodide Perovskite, SIOE,18, March (2018) Cardiff, UK.

Research Chair

  • Laser Cancer Diagnostic Chair


  • King Abdulaziz Medal of the First Class for Scientific Excellence by Dr. Abdullah Al-Zeer