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3- Zetasizer

Application: Measurement of size in Nano range and Zeta Potential

4 - Mastersizer

Applcation: Measurement of size in micro range

(A) Chemistry and Physics Unit

1- Atomic Force Microscope(AFM)

Application: Study the surface morphology of Polymer

2- Gel Permeation Chromatography(GPC)

Application: Molecular weight Determination of Polymers


7- Dynamic mechanical Analyzer (DMA)

Applications: Determination of the Mechanical strength of Polymer sample with temperature

8- Thermo-mechanical Analyzer (TMA)

Application: Determination of the linear expansion coefficient of polymer samples

5- Robert Balance

Application: Weight measurement of series of samples

6- Elemental Analyzer (CHN)

Applications: Elemental analysis like C,H,N,O,S in percentage

11- Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)

Application Measurement of glass transition temperature

12 -AutoChem Analyzer

Applications: Temperature-Programmed Desorption, Reduction, Oxidation and Pulse Chemisorptions

9- Thermo-gravimetric analysis (TGA)

Application: Determination mass changes on heating (Temperature range 25 to1600oC)

10-Thermo-gravimetric analysis (TGA)

Application: Determination mass changes on heating (Temperature range 25 to1000oC

15- XRD

Application: Qualitative analysis of powder samples

16- Single Crystal

Application: Determine the properties of crystals

13 - Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

Applications: Separation and molecular information of semi volatiles, volatiles compounds, alkaloids, drugs, pesticides, herbicides, hydrocarbons, aromas, solvents, isomers alcoholic drinks.

14- ICP-MS: Inductive Coupled Plasma- Mass Spectrometer

Applications: The determination of metallic species in waters, soils samples, foodstuffs….


19- Gamma Cell

Application: Irradiation of samples

20- NMR spectrometer

Applications: To determine 1D Experiments (1H, 13C, DEPT, NOE), 2D Experiments (COSY, NOESY, HMBC, HMQC, HSQC),  Solid-state NMR (CPMAS, DDMAS)

17- XRF

Application: Qualitative and quantitative analysis of elements

18- Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer

Application: Exact mass measurement

3- CO2 Incubator

Application: Provides an optimal growth condition for mammalian cells with adjustable CO2 levels.

4- Water Bath

Application: Provides heated water of required temperature. Necessary for reactions or experiments requiring specific temperature.

  1. Life sciences unit

1- Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope

Applications: Analysis of fluorescence labeled mammalian/bacterial cells.

2- BIO-SAFETY Cabinet (Laminar air flow)

Application: Provide a sterile environment needed for the culturing of mammalian/bacterial cells


7- Cooing Centrifuge (Megafuge)

Applications: To centrifuge samples in a 15/50 ml falcon tube. Maximum speed that can be attained is 15200 RPM. Also temperature can be set from 4oC to 40oC

8- Deep freezer (-80oC)

Appliction: Long time storage of cells (mammalian/bacterial) at -80oC as glycerol stocks


Applications: To check the pH of solutions and buffers

6- Micro centrifuge

Applications: Centrifuge Eppendorf tubes to a maximum of 15000 RPM

11- CFX 96 Real-Time PCR detection system and Thermal Cycler

Application: Quantitatively measure the amplification of DNA using fluorescent probes.

12- BioRad Trans-Blot Turbo Transfer System

Application: Trans-Blot Turbo Transfer System is a high-performance western blotting transfer system that transfers protein blots with high efficiency.

9- Luminex-Milliplex Analyzer

Application: The Luminex system can analyze immunoassays, complex genetic analysis, and enzymatic assays.

10- BioRad Chemi Doc System

Application: The ChemiDoc MP system is an instrument for gel or western blot imaging. It is designed to address fluorescent western blotting, chemiluminescence detection, and general gel documentation applications

15- Hanil-Ultra refrigerated centrifuge

Application: centrifuge with Maximum rotating speed: 50,000 rpm (254,345xg) is useful in molecular biologybiochemistry, and polymer science experiments.

16- LabTech - Autoclave / Steam Sterilizer

Application: Application of autoclave is in the sterilization of laboratory glassware, microbial media, surgical instruments and medical waste

13- Veolia-Purelab flex Water purifier

Application: Supplies purified water

14- BioRad PR 3100 TSC Microplate Reader and PW 41 Microplate Washer

Application: Microplate reader instrument is used to detect biologicalchemical or physical events of samples in microtiter plates.

19- Mindray BS-200 Chemistry Analyzer

Application: Chemistry Analyzer useful to measure different chemicals and other characteristics in a number of biological samples.

20- Thermo-Nanodrop 8000 Spectrophotometer

Application: Thermo Scientific NanoDrop spectrophotometers is useful to measure the chemicals in small volume of samples around one micro liter within 30 seconds.

17- Ice Maker

Application: Provides ice cubes

18- Cryomech-Liquid Nitrogen generator

Application: Liquid Nitrogen

23- TEM Tissue Processing Machine

Application: Automatic processing of tissue

24- Specimen trimming device for TEM

Application: A high speed milling system  for trimming of biological and industrial samples prior to ultramicrotomy.

21- Mercury-Cell- Electrophoresis Automated System

Application: Electrophoreses multiple gels for separation of protein and nucleic acid samples.

22- SFRI-H 18 Light-Blood Cell Counter

Application: Analyses blood cell parameters like WBC count, RBC count and Platelet Count.

26- Leica EM KMR glass knife maker

Application: The glass knife maker produces 45˚ glass knives from 6.4 and 8 mm thick glass.

27- The ultrasonic probe

Application: The ultrasonic probe is using for the dispersion of nanotubes, nanowires and nanoparticles in small liquid volumes.

25- Leica UC6 Ultramicrotome

Application: This ultramicrotome is designed for cutting ultra-thin sections (<100nm) of sample embedded in resin, using glass or diamond (Diatome, Switzerland) knives.


28- Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)

Application: The TEM-1011 is a high performance, high contrast, 100kV TEM with excellent imaging, easy-to-use instrument with an acceleration voltage of 40 to 100kV.  TEM has been used in all areas of biological and biomedical investigations.


29- Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

Application: The JSM-6380 LA is a high performance, high contrast, 30KV SEM with excellent imaging used in many and varied applications with several options can be expanded to an analytical SEM by the addition of optional EDS and/or WDS.