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Information Technology and Documentation Unit

Unit Director: Mr. Ayed bin Mohammed Alyami

Telephone: 0114676461
Unit Email:


Unit Staff

Unit tasks:

  •     Follow up on the state of smart classrooms and their maintenance, download the necessary programs, and provide the necessary technical support to faculty members - the number of smart classrooms (76 rooms).
  •     Follow up on the state of the college’s television broadcasting rooms, maintain them, download the necessary programs, and provide the necessary technical support to faculty members - the number of broadcasting rooms in the college (24 rooms).
  •     Managing the content of the material displayed on the college's television screens and coordinating with the relevant authority in all matters related to it.
  •     Follow-up of the status of self-education laboratories, their maintenance, and the necessary technical support to their users - the number of self-education laboratories in the college (8 laboratories).
  •     Preparing and operating the system at the college’s main room (AA 142), organizing and scheduling workshops, lectures and events held therein - and following up on maintenance work and uploading special systems.
  •     Preparing and operating the system and devices for the protocol room during holding events in it - as well as maintaining its devices and downloading programs.
  •     Managing College website 
  •     Managing general college email (cscience).
  •     Managing the college's personnel information system
  •     Create the programs, systems and electronic forms needed by the college.
  •     Direct coordination with the Deanship of Electronic Transactions and Communications in everything related to installation, maintenance, and establishment of Internet points and all requests received from the departments.
  •     Providing direct technical support to all college employees.


The Systems and Programs

1) Faculty of Science guide

2) College Personnel Information System (EIS):

  • This system has been completed, as this system manages the database of the employees of the College of Science and has been linked to the electronic archiving system (ArcMate), where through this system, the user can retrieve data and documents for each employee, and it is also possible to directly access each person’s website in the database, as well as adding and updating employee data.

3) Electronic Archiving System (ArcMateExpress):

  • This system is used to save college documents, as it is possible through this system to inquire or retrieve any document by searching the transaction number or subject matter or through the previous employee information system (EIS) by searching the employee’s name and then entering his documents.


Training courses provided by the unit:

1) A training course on how to use the TV broadcasting rooms.
2) A training course on how to use self-learning labs.
3) A training course for all faculty members in the college on how to use the college's smart classrooms with a pictorial explanation of all steps
4) A training course for supervisors on subsidiary sites such as the sites of departments and other units.

User guide for smart classrooms

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