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Master of Mathematics Program

1. Program Mission: 
The Master of Science in Mathematics is a distinctive program providing graduates with a deep knowledge in the main mathematical topics, opening their prospects to the professional career, through a high-quality academic program and distinguished professors that prepares them to be creative researchers capable of lifelong learning, critical thinking and serving the society.

2. Program Goals: 
1. To maintain highly qualified curriculum. Operational and educational goals (curriculum benchmark)  
2. To provide students with knowledge in the main mathematical topics.  
3. To provide students with skills needed to become lifelong learners and researchers in pure and applied Mathematics. (Measurement of learning outcomes, project)  
4. To prepare students to undertake leadership roles, take high responsibility for the society and commit to professional ethics. (PLO’s Values)  
5. To attract and maintain highly qualified faculty members. Operational goals (faculty list)



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