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Research Groups

Research Groups

In addition to five "Research Chairs", there are twelve Research Groups:

Head of Research Group Group's name Research Interests
Prof. Zeid Alothman Research Group of Chromatography  
Prof. Hamad A. AL-Lohedan The bio and physical-organic applications of chemical compounds  
Prof. Abderahman Alwarthan Catalysis research  
Prof. Abderahman Almansour Synthesis of biologically active compounds  

Prof. Ayman Alfaham

Synthesis of organic compounds with biological activity  
Prof. Hamad Alkhathlan Chemistry of natural products and green chemistry  
Prof. Ayman Mohamedi Atta Naphtha additives (Oil fields)  
Prof. Mohamed El-Newehy Polymers and Nanofibers Research Group Polymers synthesis; Electrospinning; Nanofibers; Drug delivery; Controlled-Release; Water treatment.
Dr. Ayman Nafadi Chemistry of advanced materials and renewable energy            
Dr. Assim Barakat Synthesis and biological importance of cyclic compounds  
Dr. Ahmad Aqel Chemical Separation and Chromatographic Methods

Preparation and characterization of new sorbent materials for chemical extraction, HPLC, and GC applications.

Miscellaneous chromatographic applications; Methods development and validation.

Dr. Jothi R. Rajabathar Nanoparticles, Nanocomposite and Electrocatalytic Analysis  


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