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Research Groups

Research Groups

In addition to five "Research Chairs", there are eleven Research Groups:

n Group name Responsible
1 Research Group of Chromatography Prof. Zeid Alothman
2 The bio and physical-organic applications of chemical compounds Prof. Hamad A. AL-Lohedan
3 Catalysis research Prof. Abderahman Alwarthan
4 Synthesis of biologically active compounds Prof. Abderahman Almansour
5 Synthesis of organic compounds with biological activity Prof. Ayman Alfaham
6 Chemistry of natural products and green chemistry Prof. Hamad Alkhathlan
7 Naphtha additives (Oil fields Prof. Ayman Mohamedi Atta
8 Synthesis and applications of heterocycles Prof. Yahia Mabkhout
9 Polymers synthesis, fabrication of elctrospun nanofibers and their applications               Prof. Mohamed Alnouihi
10 Chemistry of advanced materials and renewable energy Dr. Ayman Nafadi
11 Synthesis and biological importance of cyclic compounds Dr. Assim Barakat






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