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PhD Program

Biochemistry PhD Program:

The PhD program in Biochemistry was approved on 24/3/1439H (corresponding to 12/12/2017G).


Program’s Objectives

1. To enable the distinguished recipients of a master's degree in biochemistry and life sciences to continue to develop their abilities for a PhD and to serve the scientific and academic research.

2. To provide the Saudi labor market with high-capacity scientifically trained personnel carrying PhD degree in biochemistry.

3. The development of scientific research and academic profile of the students through organizing seminars in which students actively participate.

4. Transfer the experiences of faculty members for a new generation of researchers and keep abreast with the latest global research trends.

5. Innovation of research programs to meet the local requirements to support the development plans of scientific and research excellence and to contribute to the cognitive development of the national economy.




Admission Requirements

In addition to the admission requirements mentioned in the unified regulations for graduate studies in Saudi universities and the organizational and executive rules and procedures for postgraduate studies at King Saud University, the department requires the following to enroll in the program:

1. Must have a master degree in biochemistry or related specialties from King Saud University or its equivalent with a very good grade (if from a University that offer a grade) and no more than five years from getting the master degree.
2. Obtain a score of at least (45) in the TOEFL online test (IBT) or equivalent.
3. The candidate must pass the written exam conducted by the department with a success not less than 60% and with a relative weight of 80%.
4. A personal interview will be conducted (with a relative weight of 20%) for those who passed the written exam successfully.


* PhD. Program Syllabus & Course Description


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