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Unit Director Prof. Ashraf Ahmad

Zoology Dept

    Vision , Misssion and Goals

 LMS                         Tasks                                Staff 

Support Programs :

EXE PPT To Flash 1
EXE Raptivity 2
EXE Articulate 3
EXE LectureMaker Viewer 4
EXE LectureMaker
Video Tatorial Section :
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Video How to use the new  Learining System 1
Education Books :
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PDF Faculty Training Manual 1
PDF User _ manual 2
PDF Content Managment User Manual 3
PDF Manual_Section_Merge Tools 6
PDF Bag Virtual Classes 7
PDF Questions repeated 8
PDF Copy Course 9
PDF Course Lab 10
PDF Instructional Design 11
PDF Virtual Classroom 12
PDF Smart rooms 13
PDF Blackboard 14

The use of Smart Room: Press  
  Training videos

فيديو تدريبي لاستخدام القاعات الدراسية - English

فيديو تدريبي لاستخدام القاعات الدراسية - Arabic