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ELearning Unit






Head of the Unit:
Prof. Ashraf Ahmad




E-learning unit that supports the performance of faculty members, motivating students and serving the educational process.


  • To develop the educational process to achieve the quality standards of the Faculty of Science, by providing an integrated e-learning environment accompanied by support and encouragement for faculty members and students in the faculty.
  • Dissemination of e-learning culture at the college.
  • Developing the capacity of teaching staff in the field of e-learning through workshops and educational lectures.
  • Developing students' skills and abilities to interact with the variables of the current modern technologies.
  • Developing teaching courses in the college into electronic courses.
  • Establishment of training courses and workshops for serving e-learning process.


  • Coordination with the Deanship of E-transactions and Communications regarding e-learning projects in the College.
  • Organizing training programs in the field of e-learning and related programs.
  • Organizing seminars and lectures to contribute to the dissemination of the culture of e-learning, planning and implementing programs to raise awareness of faculty members of the importance of maintaining the equipment and facilities of teaching technology in the College.
  • Continuous assessment of the reality of e-learning in the College, and participation in the development of standards for evaluating the quality of electronic courses at the College and follow-up implementation.
  • To carry out coordination and follow-up tasks to train faculty members in the college on the e-learning applications.
  • Determining the training needs of faculty members and coordination for the establishment of training programs and workshops at the College.
  • Follow-up of the faculty members for uploading their e-courses on the Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Presenting initiatives to activate e-learning at the college (workshops, seminars, hosting experts, etc.)



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