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Academic Programs Unit

Head of the Unit:

Pr. Hisham Elarabi


The unit is concerned with developing, creating and evaluating academic programs in various disciplines at the College of Science and reviewing study plans in accordance with the standards applied at the university, and therefore by studying what is received from the specialized academic departments, discussing and approving it in the college plans committee after applying the terms of reference for building study plans.


Pioneering academic programs to build a distinguished graduate capable of contributing to the development of society.


Leading the process of developing academic programs to achieve excellence and the needs of the labor market.


The unit aims to develop and introduce academic programs to comply with reference standards, technology development, and beneficiaries' needs and satisfaction.


Follow-up and urge departments to develop and introduce traditional or interdisciplinary academic programs to reach excellence. Suggesting mechanisms for developing study plans. (questionnaires-workshops-reference studies) Providing support and assistance to academic departments in preparing study plans. Providing evidence and models that achieve outstanding and advanced performance in preparing study plans. Ensuring the application of the necessary specifications and reference standards in building study plans to improve educational outcomes. (Sound construction of plans - distinguished scientific content - effective evaluation methods) Determining the necessary and possible improvement areas in the study plans. Compare levels of plans in all academic programs in the College of Science for standardization.


Last updated on : January 12, 2023 4:03am