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Field Training Unit:

The message:

Focusing on developing the practical skills of the college’s graduates by building distinct and effective relationships between the college and its students on the one hand, and training agencies on the other, to ensure the rapid integration of graduates into the labor market.



We can summarize the objectives of field training in general as follows:

1. Provide students with practical and training experience before graduation.

2. Helping the student understand the mechanism of work in the institutions of society and giving him practical experience and appropriate training in his field of specialization.

3. Supporting students' theoretical study and linking the academic aspect with the practical methodology through practical application, dealing with data and writing reports.

4. Training students to take responsibility, adhere to deadlines, and respect laws and regulations.

5. Training students to work within work groups, and training them to deal well with others.

6. Enabling government and private agencies to identify students' skills and attract them for employment.

7. Obtaining feedback to develop study plans and programs in line with the labor market and societal needs.

8. Provide the opportunity to exchange experiences and open channels of cooperation between the college and the training bodies.

9. Community service, with the participation of students in providing services to governmental and private agencies.



The field training unit contains two committees:

Applied Training Committee.

Field Training Committee.


Their tasks can be summarized as follows:

Preparing the schedule for organizing field training (applied and field) and announcing it to students.

Follow-up procedures for implementing field training (applied and field) in its various stages before, during and after training.

Preparing and updating a guide for organizing field training (applied and field) in the college and preparing forms organizing training in accordance with the organizational rules approved by the university.

Discussing the field training plans (applied and field) that are prepared in the scientific departments.

Assistance in providing quality and appropriate training opportunities for the college's specializations.

Suggest meetings and lectures related to field training (applied and field).

Conducting the necessary assessments (through achievement reports and questionnaires) for the trainees and supervisors and benefiting from that in raising the efficiency of training supervisors and trainees.

The Secretary of the Field Training and Field Trips Unit maintains the data, information and minutes of the committee meetings.

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