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Academic Advising Unit

Director of the Unit: 

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Tawfeek





Excellence in academic advising to ensure a successful university career for students of the Faculty of Science.


Providing a high-quality counseling service to students and counselors to help them learn about the college’s systems and academic programs, develop their academic and personal abilities, develop their various skills, and overcome their problems through individual and group counseling to contribute to achieving the goals of the college.


1. Preparing the student to get to know and adapt to university life.

2. Establishing a culture of academic advising among students and advisors by publishing correct information about the college, educational policies (university study and exam regulations), resources and study programs.

3. Enhancing the academic achievement of students, raising their abilities and overcoming the obstacles they encounter during their educational attainment.

4. Support and assistance for students, identifying their academic problems and working to solve them.


1. Develop a plan for academic advising in the college and supervise its implementation.

2. Spreading awareness among students about what the unit is, its importance, and how to benefit from its services, through meetings, bulletins, and the unit's website on the college's electronic page.

3. Introducing students to the goals and mission of the college, its educational programs, scientific departments, fields of work for graduates, aspects of care and services it provides to its students, and they are also enlightened and directed to choose the appropriate majors that suit their capabilities and potential.

4. Distribute the new students to the academic supervisors and publish the lists on the unit's website at the beginning of each academic year.

5. Submitting periodically (in the middle of each semester) a report that includes the work of the unit, as well as a report on students' levels to the college administration.

6. Studying the cases referred to it by the Deanship of the College and preparing reports on them in order to submit them to the competent authorities.

7. Considering the academic problems of students that are raised by the advisors and seeking to solve them with the Dean of the College.

8. Considering students' complaints of an academic nature and devising appropriate solutions or submitting them to the College Deanship if necessary.

9. Considering students' complaints about any course, finding solutions, and submitting that to the Deanship of the College.

10. Raise awareness of the importance of academic advising and the importance of communicating with the academic advisor by publishing booklets and publications and using the unit's website for this purpose.

11. Supervising orientation programs for new students to introduce the study system, exams, academic programs and study plans in the college.

12. The unit meets with representatives of the departments (rapporteur of the student counseling committee in the department) periodically every 4 weeks or according to new reports, in order to discuss periodic reports or exceptional reports submitted by academic advisors.

13. Contribute to solving students' psychological, financial, social and functional problems by directing them to the College's Guidance and Counseling Center and the Deanship of Student Affairs to take the necessary action.


Unit Director:

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Tawfiq Mohamed.

Unit Secretary:

Mr. Imad bin Bandar Al-Daghilabi.


Unit Headquarters:

Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs - (First Floor, Building 4, Room No. 1B, 47).

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 4:03am