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Student Activities Unit:


Student activities supervisors

Male section

Female section

Dr. Saad Saud Alarifi

Ms. Najla Khalaf Alkhalaf

Student activity is the mental or physical effort exerted by the learner in order to achieve a goal, i.e. it refers to the relationship between an effort and a goal that is hoped to be achieved. The educational process is not just academic lessons, but rather a useful process for building the student's personality in all respects. Likewise, the university is not only a place where students gather for educational attainment, but rather it is a small community in which its members interact and are affected, influenced, benefited, and benefited. Therefore, student activities are an urgent necessity required by university life. It is a source of revealing the talents, potentials, and inclinations of students in various fields of cultural and social activities that are based on solid foundations of faith derived from our true religion.

Student activity aims to encourage students to discover their latent talents and provide ways to develop them, in a way that may allow the college to work on developing their talent and encourage them to exploit it in what can benefit the student, the college and the country. Citizenship values, intellectual fortification, training and skills building.


Excellence in cultural, social and specialized activities at the level of King Saud University.


Supporting and disseminating constructive ideas that support extra-curricular activity, and transforming these ideas into a tangible and desirable reality for all members of the student community.



Introducing students to the importance of extra-curricular activities.

Developing students' skills and experiences in extra-curricular activity.

Establish the values of team and volunteer work.

Providing a recreational environment for college students.

Holding general and specialized courses that serve the student.

Student community service and active participation in all activities.


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