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Admission and Registration


Admission and Registration

From School to the University
My Dear Student, to join our university:

At the beginning of every Academic semester, Deanship of Admission and Registration will announce in the local newspapers and in its website the dates for the new students applications, you can have a brief view of Admission and Registration in KSU and get the application through Deanship of Admission and Registration.

4670000 The Main central office
4677768, 4677770, 4678888, Deanship of Admission and Registration
4354400, Female Admission and Registration
4646464, The College of Science Dean Office
4677768,4675623, The Academic Vice dean office
 4674253, College of Science Fax

The needed papers:
1- The Original Saudi School Certificate with six copies
2- Good behavior Certificate from the School with two copies
National ID Copy
6 recent personal photographs 6x4 only for male students


College of Science Admission Requirements
regularly  updated by the College of Science Council

The Student Personalities
1- Independent Personality
2- Should be aware of all University Milestones
3-Should be loyal to his College and University
4- Should respect time and appointment, and should respect all related regulations
5- Should be able to take responsibility
6- Able to admit fault and do not mind to ask for excuse
7- Able to decide the proper way after planning and thinking


The Educational System and the available departments in the College of Science:
 The Study in the College of Science is according to levels, every department has 8 levels, some have 9 levels as summer semester.


The following are the requirements of the Scholarship:

  1. Approval form the Student Origin Country
  2. Attested School Certificate from the Country of Origin
  3. Recommendation from Islamic known Authority
  4. Medical Clearance Certificate
  5. Birth Certificate
  6. Police Clarence Certificate
  7. 3 Recent Personal Photos
  8. Passport Copy

All requirements mentioned in the Arabic Language Phase, in addition to three conditions in B. Sc Phase.

  • The School Certificate should be equivalent to the Saudi Standards
  • The School Certificate Average should be at least 85%
  • Filling the proper application form

For the Arab Students, they can enter the B. Sc Phase directly. For non-Arab (Muslim), they should attend a course of Arabic language first, after, they can join B Sc. 

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