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Student Affairs Unit

Director of the Unit: 

Awad S. AL-Shamrani




A unit directly responsible for dealing with college students, providing support services for the student's academic status (such as registration, study schedules, academic advising...) and preserving the student's academic rights.

Vision: Building the university student’s personality and developing his abilities to face the problems that may hinder his career by establishing the concept of his rights and duties in light of the guarantees of the university’s rules and regulations.

Mission: Providing student support through the optimal use of technology to provide a graduate who contributes to building a knowledge economy.


  1. Working on the regularity of students in the college study according to the available majors.
  2.  Providing support and assistance to students to find out their academic problems and provide solutions.
  3. Availability of information to the educational process beneficiaries from faculty members and students.
  4. Spreading awareness and introducing the academic system and students’ rights.


  1. Follow-up on the introduction of courses and levels of the study plan for all departments of the college on the academic system e-Register.
  2. Make a statistic for the students expected to graduate from the college each semester and send it to the Academic Advising Unit to communicate with the Academic Guidance Committee in the academic departments and make a schedule for each student in order to resolve conflicts and ensure that they register for the remaining courses for them in the study plan.
  3. Communicating and coordinating with the beneficiary colleges (the College of Engineering, the College of Computer and Information Sciences, the College of Agriculture and Nutrition Sciences, the College of Architecture and Planning and the Common First Year Deanship) from the courses of the College of Science in coordination with the relevant departments.
  4.  Communicate with the Common First Year regarding the decisions and dates of the final examination for the health and scientific tracks.
  5. Follow up on the trial registration and solve any defect that occurs from crowding in the people and others.
  6. Follow up on the readiness of the halls in coordination with the college administration and technical support in the college, and setting the schedule for each hall.
  7. Follow up on the registration and offering of summer semester courses in coordination with the Deanship of Admission and Registration.
  8. Follow-up and implementation of student registration through the schedule modification requests system (Samar).
  9. Follow-up of defaulting and academically dismissed students and re-enroll them in cooperation with the Academic Advising Unit of the Agency.
  10. Follow-up students who have double the duration and give them the opportunity to add in coordination with the Academic Advising Unit.
  11. The Student Rights Subcommittee of the unit receives requests for the alternative test.
  12. Follow up the transfer of students between academic departments and to the college and abroad.
  13. Follow up and receive the lists of deprivation sent from the departments and study them.
  14. The Student Rights Committee will study the complaints and grievances submitted by students.



Last updated on : February 18, 2024 11:12am