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Employment Fields

Botany and Microbiology Department

Job opportunities for the Alumni


After completing their studies, the alumni of botany and microbiology programs will have the skills and abilities to work in the following authorities:

  1. Ministry of Education (Higher Education): Teaching Assistant, Laboratory Technician, Research Assistant.
  2. Ministry of Education (General Education): Teacher - Laboratory Expert.
  3. Ministry of Defense and Aviation: Laboratories - Hospitals.
  4. Ministry of Health: Laboratories and medical analysis in all hospitals and dispensaries.
  5. Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture: Plant Research - Research Laboratories.
  6. Saudi Food and Drug Authority.
  7. Ministry of Commerce: Quality Laboratories, Standards and Metrology Authority.
  8. Ministry of Interior: Medical laboratories and analysis in health units and hospitals.
  9. National Guard: Laboratories and Hospitals.
  10. Saudi Wildlife Authority: Researchers - Technicians.
  11. King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology: Supervision, Research and Technicians.
  12. Private Sector: Private Hospitals Laboratories - Scientific Institutions
Last updated on : May 24, 2023 8:26am