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training courses

Training Course


Skills Development Center:

The center offers training courses and workshops for students in various professional fields, all of these courses are added to the skill record, which is an official document approved by the university, explaining the professional and personal skills acquired, and includes all training courses that students have obtained for their study period, issued by the Student Skills Development Center.

The Skill Record aims to:

  1. Demonstrating the capabilities and skills of students in non-academic fields, which supports their chances of competing for jobs.
  2. Improving university outcomes by supporting students' CVs.
  3. Documenting the participation of students and their interaction with university life.

Courses approved in the skill record:

  1. Computer skills - (not less than 15 hours).
  2. Self-development and personality building skills - (not less than 4 hours).
  3. Participation in volunteer work and community service - (not less than 50 hours).
  4. Participation in the field of student activity - (not less than 50 hours).
  5. Leadership skills.
  6. Awards.
  7. Vocational training courses.

The student can register for the offered courses through the following link: Here

Deanship of Skills Development Courses:

The Deanship provides training courses for students at the undergraduate and graduate levels in various professional and academic fields, the Deanship link to register for the courses: Here

Deanship of e-Transaction courses:

The Deanship offers an electronic training platform for students in various professional and academic fields, especially courses related to computers and softwares. The Deanship issues a certificate of passing signed by the Deanship upon completing the courses and passing the electronic test, the platform link: Here

Community Service Unit Courses:

The Department of Physics and Astronomy, in cooperation with the Community Service Unit in science college, offers training courses and workshops related to specialization. These courses are given by faculty members. The courses aim to train students in the use of advanced scientific devices, and on scientific research methods. These courses are announced on the department’s announcements page.

Last updated on : January 17, 2023 11:22am