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Geology Program Mission, Vision and Objectives


To promote basic geological, geophysical and hydrogeological concepts, skills and creativity within a high caliber environment that provides society with knowledge, trained personnel, and competitive graduates capable of meeting the educational and development  of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in all domains relevant to geology, geophysics and hydrogeology and their applications.


To be a leader in the fields of geology, geophysics and hydrogeology, their applications, and culture to contribute to building the knowledge society.


  • To achieve excellence in imparting higher education in the fields of earth sciences, with due emphasis on the quality of students at undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • To develop applied scientific research through geological, geophysical and hydrogeological projects as per the national plan in the fields of oil, gas, minerals, ground water, environmental and natural hazards investigations.
  • To provide consultations in the field of natural disasters in cooperation with the university based seismic study center.
  • To ensure an optimal use of resources with modern technology to create a place of higher learning in the fields of Earth sciences.
  • To provide a stimulating environment capable of attracting the best students, staff and faculty members.
  • To establish effective partnerships, both locally and globally, with academic institutions and industrial/research organizations in the fields of oil, gas, minerals, and ground water exploration, as well as environmental and natural hazards investigations.
Last updated on : January 12, 2023 4:03am