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Development of College

‎The College development:

‎From the date of Establishment until now, the College of Science witnessed a very big and continuous development.‎ ‎This development included the buildings, the labs, the lab equipment and tools, and all scientific unit. There is also a similar development regarding the number of the students, employees and teaching staff.‎ ‎The College was very interested to develop the teaching plans also, and create the new scientific departments to meet the huge progress, which the world is witnessing today. ‎
‎Accordingly, the statistic department was established in 1399, Chemistry in 1400, Astronomy in 1406, Geophysics in 1406/1407, operation researches in 1407, and microbiology in 1408.‎
‎The Development was not only in numbers, but also in the continuous scientific field which meets the international standards. ‎ ‎The facilities to both students and teaching staff have been increased, for example, the college of Science used to share the same building with the College of Arts, and the total number of the labs was only five. Now the College of Science is considered as one of the biggest scientific colleges in KSU, this is regarding the number of the buildings, the students and teaching staff number.‎
‎The College has two buildings, Building number 4 and Building number 5 in King Saud University, which is located in Dar'eah - Riyadh. Building 4 include the following departments and units:‎

  • ‎The College Administration‎
  • ‎The Scientific Workshop‎
  • ‎The Scientific Imaging Unit‎
  • ‎The Math Department‎
  • ‎The Statistic and operation research Department‎
  • ‎The Physics Department‎
  • ‎The Astronomy Department‎
  • ‎The Geology Department‎
  • ‎King Abdullah Institute for Nanotechnology ‎

‎Building 5, include the following Departments and units:‎

  • ‎‎The Scientific Imaging Unit‎‎
  • ‎Research Centers and the Main lab‎
  • ‎Glass manufacturing workshop.‎
  • ‎The Chemistry Departments‎
  • ‎The Biochemistry Department‎
  • ‎The Botany and Microbiology Department‎ 
  • ‎The Zoology Department‎

‎The two Buildings contains more than 500 labs, including the teaching and research labs. Inside these labs, there are most of the proper lab equipment and fittings. The buildings also include some of the external computer appliances for the University, moreover, some computers belong to the teaching staff and higher education students, in addition to the Seismology Education Centre.‎ ‎The two buildings include a huge number of teaching classes and four auditoriums, each can contains 150 students.‎
‎The huge number of students in the College of Science indicates how much advanced and development the college has achieved.

The College started with 10 students at the beginning, and then started growing and developing until reaching thousands of students. ‎The total students number of the academic year 1418/1419 reached 4276 students, of various academic departments.‎ ‎The number of the Saudi Teaching staff and lecturers reached 328, which is the biggest ration among the other colleges in the university‎.
The College Administration combined of the dean and three vice-deans which area (The College Vice dean, The Vice dean for Graduates Studies, The Vice dean for Academic Research Affairs, The Vice dean for development and Quality affair). The College Council includes the Dean, The Vice deans and the Departments Heads)


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