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College Council

Dean of the College

Prof. Zaid Alothman

Vice Dean for Technical Affairs  
Dr. Khalid Alqahtani

Vice Dean for َQuality @development  
Prof. Majed Saleh Alokail  

Vice Deanship of Graduate Studies & Academic Research  
Dr.Mansor Shrahili


Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

Dr. Abullah Alenizi

College Vice Dean

Dr. Nouf Hezam Alotaibi



Faculty Member of Scientific Council

Prof.Nasser Aldaghri

Head of Biochemistry Department

Dr. Nojod Altuwaijri

Head of Botany and Microbiology Department

 Dr. Turky M Aldawood

Head of Chemistry Department

Dr Abdullah Alqhatani

Head of Geology and Geophysics Department

Dr.Tala Alharbi


Head of Mathematics Department

Dr  Hassn Alshehri

Head of Physics & Astronomy Department

Dr Khalid Alzahrani

Head of Statistics and Operations Research Department

Dr Yosra tashkandi

Head of Zoology Department  
Dr.Mohammed Fahad Albeshr




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