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حفل استقبال للطلاب الجدد بقسم علم الحيوان برعاية نادي علوم الحياة والبيئة

The Department of Zoology held a reception and introductory meeting for new students on Tuesday 10/10/2017. The meeting was attended by a number of college members in the department. At the beginning of the ceremony, the Chairman of Zoology Department, Dr. Bader bin Abdullah Al-Dahmash, welcomed the students and wished them all the success. Dr. Elsayed Younis, the academic advisor of the department, gave a detailed explanation of the study plan and provided students with a lot of advice and guidance to help them study and excel. After that, an open dialogue was held between students and college members to answer students' questions and queries. At the end, leather bags were distributed to the students from the Life Science and Environment Club in the department, and everyone took sweets and juices in a pleasant social atmosphere.



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