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Lecture in the Department of Zoology on "Plagiarism in Scientific Writing”

 The Committee of Academic Programs in the Zoology Department, in cooperation with the faculty of Science Research Center, has organized a general lecture entitled "Plagiarism in Scientific Writing" on 20/3/2018 in the presence of HE Dr. Bader Al-Dahmash, Department Chairman, and the department staff and post-graduate students. The event was started with Dr. Elsayed Younis, Determinant of the Department’s Academic Programs Committee, who explained that this lecture is one of a series of lectures to raise the skills of bachelor and postgraduate students concerning the rules of sound scientific writing and correct quotation criteria to avoid plagiarism. The lecture was presented by Prof. Wael Nabil Hozzein, Prof. of Bioproducts Research Chair in the Department, where he addressed several topics including the definition of plagiarism and its correct criteria, reasons for conducting scientific plagiarism, methods for detection using modern software, and how to avoid plagiarism with clarifying the penalties that may be faced by doing so.



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