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Administrative Affairs Unit


The unit follows the administration of the College of Science and specializes in everything related to the administrative work of all faculty members in coordination with the KSU deanships and associated units in the university in terms of human resources, procurement, warehouses and college units according to the rules and regulations.


Organizational restructuring and suggestion of administrative frameworks that enhance the work and institutional development of the college in a manner consistent with the vision and mission of the college.
Developing the administrative powers of the unit in light of the university's regulations and rules.


  • Follow up the employees' work and their commitment to the official working hours.
  • Implementation of college staff leave in the personnel affairs system (MADAR)
  • Registering initiation-of-work ("Mubasharah") for faculty members in the personnel affairs system (MADAR).
  • Approving the job evaluation reports for the faculty members.
  • Completing the procedures for ending the services of the faculty members.
  • Opening closed offices during the official working hours in case the key is forgotten or lost.
  • Receiving and handling all incoming transactions to the college on the Diwan system.
  • Export an outbound transaction
  • Residence permits (Iqama) for the contractor.
  • Renewal of residence (Iqama).
  • Passport update and information transfer.
  • Modify residence information.
  • Sponsorship Transfer .
  • Final exit visa.
  • Exit and return visa.
  • Ticket compensation 50%
  • Family visit request.
  • Residence permit replacement.
  • Issuance of a damaged residence permit.
  • Issuing ticket order.
  • Distribution and exploitation of the available spaces in the college.
  • Fingerprint activation (attendance and departure)
  • Leave registration and permission to the fingerprint system
  • Receipt and delivery of external mail.
  • Preparing the unit's annual report.

Staff members

Name Description
Falah Ibrahim Al-Mutairi Head of the Administrative Affairs Unit
Ahmed Omar Rifai Passport representative
Saud Musaad Al-Mutairi Administrative Affairs Officer
Khaled Theeb Al-Otaibi Administrative Affairs Officer


Last updated on : January 12, 2023 4:03am