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Community Services


1- Sponsoring the social relations between the staff of the college/or the department

2- Developing programs of internal and external visits to the college or the department.

3- Following-up files and correspondences with internal and external institutes and twinning projects and informing the Dean of the College or the Department Chairman on the progress and results later on to take appropriate decisions.

4- Receiving foreign delegations and organizing their residency programs and visits.

5- Contributing in providing the university magazine with the activities of the college and the website.

6- Fostering social relationships among the employees of the department.

7- Developing practical programs to strengthen the relationship between the department and the local community and following-up their implementation.

8- Monitoring and classification of scientific research projects carried out by the department and its members that contribute to the community service and development plans.

9- Monitoring and classification of training programs and scientific consultations, and cultural and awareness activities carried out by the department, which contribute to the community service and development plans.

10- Supervising the activities that serve the community, namely: museums, exhibition, etc.

11- Encouraging and developing the initiative spirit among the employees and students of the department to maximize the output of the community service.

12- Activating the partnership between the academic program and various community institutions, especially public and private schools.

13- Deepening the communication between the department (the academic program) and the authorities responsible for development plans in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Outcomes and results of the involvement of the department's staff with the community

  1. Organizing general and public lectures in the department for faculty members or new students.

  2. Receiving official delegations from outside the university

  3. Receiving many schools and institutions to visit the department and the museum

  4. Contributing in some specialized workshops in the department as well as outside the university for residents of remote areas to clarify some of the related environmental problems

  5. Establishing some exhibitions in external institutions (hospitals, military college, Al-Janadriyah Exhibition)

  6. Arranging visits for employers to clarify the employment opportunities available for department students as graduates

  7. Organizing farewell parties for former staff members and honoring them

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 4:03am